图片 1希拉里给凯特讲育儿经:唱歌有益胎教

Kate, 36, is expecting her third child and she‘s been told it will
come on or around the feast day of the patron saint of England。




It‘s understood the mum-of-two doesn’t know if she‘s having a girl or a
boy – preferring a surprise – but has been told to expect it around 23rd



Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton told the Duchess of
Cambridge bonded over motherhood during their meeting at an official
function in New York on Monday night, agreeing that singing is
beneficial to babies。

And, like the births of Prince George in 2013 and Princess Charlotte in
2015, she‘ll have the baby at the private Lindo Wing of St Mary’s
Hospital in London。

Clinton greeted Kate in the lobby of the British consul general’s
official residence in New York, and they discussed Kate’s visit to a
child developmental centre in Harlem on Monday morning. Kate, who is
expecting her second child in April, also met Clinton’s daughter,
Chelsea, who recently gave birth to her first child, Charlotte。


“We’re trying to encourage more people to sing … because the research
suggests that it’s beneficial,” Clinton told Kate, according to a pool

A royal source said: “There‘s no certainty with due dates of course but
the Duchessis working off a date around St George’s Day and it would be
a lovely patriotic coincidence if he or she were born then。

Clinton also told Kate that she would sing to Chelsea when she was a
toddler, until there came a point when she told her mother: “No sing, no


The Duke of Cambridge was originally supposed to attend the event by
himself, as royal aides had allotted time in Kate’s itinerary for her to
relax, as she is now nearly five months pregnant。

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But the duchess is fully recovered from the severe sickness that
affected her in the first months of the pregnancy, aides said, and she
decided she wanted to do as much as possible during the couple’s two-day
visit to New York。

“The one thing that is certain though, if it‘s a boy he wo’t be called
George! Prince George has already taken that one。

The conservation reception was co-hosted by the Duke and Duchess’s Royal
Foundation and the Clinton Foundation, which is committed tocombatting
elephant poaching and stopping the illegal ivory trade。


William has dedicated several events to campaigning around the issue of
the illegal trade in wildlife, a cause important to him and the Prince
of Wales。

“Or if she‘s very late, as she was with George’s birth, she could even
make it a very special wedding anniversary present to William, as they
celebrate seven years of marriage on the 29th April。” Kate looked swell
this week as she wore blue two days in a row (Tuesday & Wednesday) –
leading bookies to say it was evens she was having a boy。

The duke was back in New York for the event having just returned from
his first-ever trip to Washington DC where he dropped by the Oval Office
for an informal chat with President Barack Obama. During their meeting,
William revealed that the birth of the couple’s first child, Prince
George, was so chaotic that he forgot to ask if it was a boy or girl。


While in Washington, he spoke at an anti-corruption conference at the
World Bank, where he addressed ways to combat the illegal wildlife

But a late April baby does not give Kate much time to get over the birth
in time for Harry and Meghan‘s wedding three weeks later。

During the reception in New York, William spoke with supporters of
wildlife charities in a room so crowded guests were forced to stand
shoulder to shoulder。


He told the guests: “I’m pretty exercised – to put it mildly – about the
plight of some of the world’s most iconic species. These species are
being illegally butchered in the name of trinkets and medicine。

A spokesman for the couple declined to comment。

“It’s easy to blame others for the problem – demand in south-east Asia,
not enough protection on the ground, and so on. But, if I may say, we
could start with looking closer to home. Our own nations still have
thriving black markets in these products, and we have to raise the game
at home as well as abroad。


“But it’s not all doom and gloom. You’re the lights at the end of the
tunnel. What all of us in this room represent, and tens of thousands of
people out there, is solid purpose – a determination not to let our
generation be the one that let this catastrophe occur。”

On a lighter note, William was also heard telling Chelsea Clinton,
“We’re going to the Empire State Building tomorrow. I’m really looking
forward to that, it’s going to be great fun。”


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