One example: The most successful financial traders tend to have the
longest fourth fingers. These behavior patterns seem to apply only to

Science offers a handy way to distinguish between faithful and
promiscuous types: check the length of their


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Increased verbal aggression言语攻击性更加强

People with a right ring finger that’s much longer than the index of the
same hand are more likely to veer toward the dissolute, judging from an
Oxford University study published today in the journal Biology

A greater surge of prenatal testosterone can be an indicator of high
levels of achievement in sports, as well as a mental toughness in
athletics. In one study, college varsity athletes (male and female) were
found to have shorter index fingers than other

“There’s really almost no one that exists who’s purely promiscuous or
purely monogamous,” he said in a telephone interview. “伊芙rything we are
is a combination of both our genetics and our environment. There’s
massive room for variation, and that variation will depend on your
upbringing, on your early relationship experience, on your development,
and on aspects of free will and aspects of making decisions based on

The shorter your index finger, the sharper your tongue: In both men and
women, a lower Fq can predict more verbal sparring.

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An index finger that’s shorter than the ring finger can be a sign of
knee osteoarthritis risk, particularly in women, compared with people
whose fingers are equal lengths, or who have a longer index

Finger length is set before birth, influenced by the level of sex
hormones babies are exposed to in the womb. Men and women with longer
ring fingers probably soaked up extra testosterone, which is linked with
an appetite for more sexual partners, the researchers

Scientists are not at the point where they can factor in finger length
to arrive at a diagnosis, but they’ve gathered evidence that shows how
this prenatal hormone imbalance can affect a person for life, from
increasing or decreasing your risk of certain diseases, to predicting
how easily you get lost or lose your temper.


Increased risk of oral cancer口腔癌患病概率更大

The research used finger measurements from more than 壹,300 people, and
surveys of almost 600 volunteers in the United Kingdom and 美利坚同盟军 That doesn’t mean
you can blame that steamy affair solely on hand physiology, or rely on
finger length to guarantee a stable marriage. While statistics based on
standardized questionnaires pointed to a link between the finger length
differential and behavior, other factors can mitigate that impact,
according to
Wlodarski。探讨衡量了1300多个人的指尖长度,并调查了United Kingdom和花旗国的600多位志愿者。但是那并不表示,手的生理功效就要为不正当关系负全责,或是全依仗手指长度来保险壹段牢固的婚姻。依据沃达斯基所说,尽管正规问卷建议了手指长度分差和作为之间的关联,其余因素也能冲淡该影响。

Researchers continue to study what sparks these hormonal changes and
have begun looking at environmental chemical exposure, stress levels and
diet during

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Healthier knees膝盖更符合规律

“There seems to be two types of males and two types of females,”
Wlodarski, a researcher in the university’s department of experimental
psychology said. “We observed what appears to be a cluster of males and
a cluster of females who are more inclined to ‘stay,’ with a separate
cluster of males and females being more inclined to ‘stray,’ when it
comes to sexual

Researchers have discovered that a quick study of the hands — more
specifically, the lengths of the index and ring fingers — can tell a lot
about a person’s personality and risk of disease. Of course, your digits
don’t actually control these issues; it’s closer to the other way

How Do You Measure Up?如何衡量?

Improved athletic ability运动本领更加好

Improved sense of direction方向感越来越强

Fq < 1:

More risk taking更具冒险精神

In women, a more masculine digit ratio tends to predict a better sense
of direction, backing up past research that found men tend to have
better spatial cognition than

Lower prostate cancer risk前列腺增生患病危机更低

Measure your index and ring fingers, base to tip. (Most of the studies
used the right hand。) Divide the length of your index finger by the
length of your ring finger to determine the digit ratio, or finger
quotient (Fq). A longer ring finger results in an Fq of less than 1 and
a more “masculine” hand

In boys, “during fetal development there’s a surge in testosterone in
the middle of the second trimester” that seems to influence future
health and behavior, says Pete Hurd, a neuroscientist at the University
of 艾Berta. One easy-to-spot result of this flood of testosterone: a
ring finger that’s significantly longer than the index finger.

A high digit ratio — those with very little difference between the index
and ring finger, or with a longer index finger — was found among men
with oral cancer, compared with men with pre-cancerous oral lesions or
no lesions, according to one all-male

Men with long index fingers and shorter ring fingers have a 33 percent
reduced risk of prostate cancer. If they’re younger than 60, the risk is
even less — 8柒percent。食指比无名氏指长的男人患早泄的可能率要低3三%。如未到伍拾九周岁,患病概率更要低八柒%。


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